Why you shouldn’t be a priest

Ok, follow me on this one before you get your panties in a bunch.
Being a Priest, Bishop, Rabbi, etc. is a very bad idea. My reasoning is quite good.

If you are a high ranking member of the church the best you can do is be allowed into heaven. Guess what though, so can anyone in your church and even people outside of it. So you really don’t “gain” anything there. Now lets have a look at the risk of this job.

If the devil (or any of his minions) are sent back to earth to destroy religion, guess who he (or they) are going after? It’s not Susie the Sunday Church go-er. It’s you dumbass. Thats right, your devotion to the almighty has just put you front and center of the devil’s wrath.

If we look at this from an economic perspective, the risk/reward ratio is VERY poor.

You might want to look into being a janitor or something.

3 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t be a priest”

  1. However, I must add some points. To my knowledge, the apocalypse is not stated as an event to which the Devil intends to destroy religion. We as mortal human beings are doing a good enough job of that on our own as I’m sure anyone would agree with me. As a matter of fact, apocalyptic events are nothing more than prophetic little accounts recorded within these storybooks, further allowing the apocalypse as we know it to be religious. Ergo, when these events are supposed to happen, it’s more aimed toward the human race as a whole, rather than the Bible bangers vs. everyone else. Now I never studied theology or anything, but higher ranking officials within the church. . .or temple. . .or mosque might have some sort of premium package when they get to the good place. That’s possibly a deal they signed off on here on Earth when deciding to take their life down that avenue. Its like a trade off. If they lead a life of poverty (which they never do), and chastity (no comment), Maybe there’s like an extra bingo night shoved somewhere in their eternal life. Perhaps the all you can eat buffet at Sizzler in Heaven. It’s like being retarded or handicapped- no waiting in lines, and they get to park closest to whatever buildings they have in Heaven. . .for eternity. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Or maybe they get to do everything legal that they weren’t able to do in there time here on Earth, like unlimited supplies of coke and virgin strippers. I’d take it.

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