New Tech Toys

Well, its been awhile since I’ve written here but my mind has been on other things.  Like work and the new toys it has bestowed upon me.

Toy #1 (OQO Model 02)

A few weeks ago I bought a demo unit from OQO for the Model 02 that I sell.  I needed it since most people like the idea of a UMPC but want to see it in their hands.  Well, I must say that it is more impressive then I thought.  I have been using it more then the MacBook Pro I bought to run my business.  The idea of a small computer that you carry with you never really struck me since I’m not all that “mobile” as a professional.  However, I must say it has helped me with customers on more then one occasion already.  If you’ve never played with one I suggest you look at the link and consider it.

 Toy #2 (Microsoft Action Pack)

Since I am a reseller, Microsoft offers an Action Pack of software that allows me to have access to most all business software they offer for use in my company.  I threw OpenOffice on my OQO, but I really wanted OneNote.  Well for a little more then Office, I now have Office, Visio, Project, Windows Vista (Business and Ultimate), Windows Server, MS Exchange and many other programs I can’t name right now.  I have to say, while I think OpenOffice is great it really doesn’t have the fit and finish of MS Office nor does it have the add-ons that most people might not use, but I do.  I love OneNote and that brings me to my third thing.

Toy #3 (InkSeine)

Some developers at Microsoft have released a research program for UMPCs/Tablets that really seems like a good direction.  They call it InkSeine and it takes over where OneNote leaves off.  OneNote is really a push program, you push all your notes to it.  InkSeine is a pull program where you give it a keyword and it pulls up a list of documents/emails/saved files that have that in it.  It makes for much faster note taking when you can’t stop to pull up the things you need to “push” them into OneNote.

I have to say that running this IT company has given me a few advantages I didn’t count on when I started it.  I really am getting to see a lot of cool things and play with them so that I can be educated about them when dealing with clients.

and for a little plug: If you’re looking for any tech items please email me and I’ll see what I can quote out for you.  I have relationships with Lenovo, HP, OQO, Microsoft, Intel, MSI, Samsung, ViewSonic and many more.

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