iPhone 3G

Well, it looks like I’ll be staying with the Blackberry after all.  I looked over the enhancements that the new iPhone comes with and it just doesn’t make a compelling argument to move away from the Blackberries expecially when you throw in the the neew BB Bold coming out.

I was ready to move because I could drop my data costs from $40 per month for the BB to $20 for the iPhone.  However, AT&T decided to now have the data costs at $30.  Also, the lack of sending MMS is another WTF.  I was also hoping for the video conferencing, but that wasn’t in the cards. Finally, I was hesitent to get rid of the real keyboard.

I just don’t see why everyone thinks it’s the best phone since sliced bread when they can’t even include the basics like MMS sending and video recording.

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