BMW E46 display/mute install for a V1

A few weeks ago I installed the wiring for my concealed display for my Valentine 1 radar detector. I positioned it near the drivers side A pillar, not because I thought it was the best spot but because it was the best spot for it while still being able to easily reach the mute button. Due to my frequent city driving and the amount of automatic door openers around my area, it was a necessity to be able to mute it easily.  After a few weeks of this, I found it less then ideal but didn’t think I had another option.

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Another funny video

To follow up on the first video from “” (found here on the left) they have released a second video (found here on the right).  While nothing can match the original video, this is still quite funny if you’ve ever had to support users in a corporate environment.
Check out the videos, but don’t let your users hear you….they might get upset.

What to do with spare computers?

I haven’t posted recently, but I now have a reason so read through and let me know what you think.
If you didn’t know, I  have recently started working with a liquidator in my work life.  They usually call me in to backup the data of the company they are liquidating.  This time however they asked that I take care of wiping the hard drives of the desktops and laptops.

Therefore, I recently came into posession of around 20 23 Dell desktops.  Two different models, pretty similar configs.  So now that I have these sitting around awaiting their sale on eBay I am stuck with the question of what to do with them.

I thought about setting up a beowolf cluster.  However, I have nothing to run on it so what fun would it be?  So I am now open for suggestions.

Also, I have some other IT equiptment so if you are looking to buy some stuff check what I have for sale on ebay

iPhone 3G

Well, it looks like I’ll be staying with the Blackberry after all.  I looked over the enhancements that the new iPhone comes with and it just doesn’t make a compelling argument to move away from the Blackberries expecially when you throw in the the neew BB Bold coming out.

I was ready to move because I could drop my data costs from $40 per month for the BB to $20 for the iPhone.  However, AT&T decided to now have the data costs at $30.  Also, the lack of sending MMS is another WTF.  I was also hoping for the video conferencing, but that wasn’t in the cards. Finally, I was hesitent to get rid of the real keyboard.

I just don’t see why everyone thinks it’s the best phone since sliced bread when they can’t even include the basics like MMS sending and video recording.