BMW E46 display/mute install for a V1

A few weeks ago I installed the wiring for my concealed display for my Valentine 1 radar detector. I positioned it near the drivers side A pillar, not because I thought it was the best spot but because it was the best spot for it while still being able to easily reach the mute button. Due to my frequent city driving and the amount of automatic door openers around my area, it was a necessity to be able to mute it easily.  After a few weeks of this, I found it less then ideal but didn’t think I had another option.

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2008 Chicago Auto Show is getting ready

2008 Chicago Auto Show building

Well, it looks as if the union laborers are hard at work getting the 2008 Chicago auto show together.  I will be attending again this year to get a peek at the new BMW 1 Series and X6.  Hopefully they’ll also have the Mercedes CLC on hand so I can see if it looks as crappy as the older C-Class coupe.

If you want to see some live video of them getting ready, head over to Autoblog