Work updates

So I thought I would put some updates as to what’s going on at work:

Project: Dad’s Server

The order has been placed for one hell of a server.  The specs are as follows:

  1. Intel SR2500 Server Chasis
  2. Intel SRCS28X RAID controller
  3. Intel BX80574E5420P 2.5Ghz 45nm Quad Core Processor with 12M L2 Cache
  4. 6 Segate 500gb ES.2 SATA Drives
  5. 8 GB ECC RAM
  6. Rackmount Kit

The plan is to put VMWare server on the bad boy with a CentOS minimum install for the host.  On top will be:

  1. Microsoft SBS 2003 R2 to provide Email, SQL and Sharepoint.
  2. FreeBSD and/or CentOS to provide generic web hosting
  3. Openfiler to provide an iSCSI target so we can somewhat dynamically assign storage space (We got 2TB but we don’t want to be stupid now) it will also share out backup space through iSCSI or SMB for local backups
  4. FreeBSD or CentOS to provide outside DNS

The only thing I’m wondering is if you can do Xen and VMWare together to get the best of both worlds when hosting the linux and windows DomU’s

Bad day

This is pretty technical, so must of you will want to leave the room.

Today I spent most of my day trying to figure out why I couldn’t install Trixbox 2.4.2 (CentOS 5) on the new Intel S5000VSA motherboard I purchased for a client.

Everything will install as normal, but then when it tries to boot you get a blank screen. No GRUB, no nothing. So I tried to install the RAID drivers from my portable usb hard drive. Well, guess what… installed Trixbox onto my USB drive since the drivers didn’t take. So now I have a blank drive that used to have all my music, movies and backup files. SWEET!!!!!! So I started using my google-fu on EFI, RAID, everything. The MB is pretty new so not much was out there on it. I finally found what causes it.

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