Ok, so yesterday I happen to sit down and watch some of the congressional hearings for the MLB steriod scandal. They are now trying to find out if Roger Clemens lied about using steroids. Is this really the best use of their time? Don’t they have more important things to do like find out if President Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq?

Why they care about a problem that only hurts the users is beyond me. If Roger lied, who gets hurt, not me. If Bush lied, we now have service men and women who are dead because of those lies. I guess it’s a case of “protect your own.”

This is just silly that they can spend tax payer money to investigate the MLB for steroids and the NFL for destroying the tape of the Patriots spying but they have no interest in finding out why the CIA destroyed the tapes of alleged terrorists. When did it become more important to see who might be cheating in a game then who is cheating the citizens out of life?