What to do with spare computers?

I haven’t posted recently, but I now have a reason so read through and let me know what you think.
If you didn’t know, I  have recently started working with a liquidator in my work life.  They usually call me in to backup the data of the company they are liquidating.  This time however they asked that I take care of wiping the hard drives of the desktops and laptops.

Therefore, I recently came into posession of around 20 23 Dell desktops.  Two different models, pretty similar configs.  So now that I have these sitting around awaiting their sale on eBay I am stuck with the question of what to do with them.

I thought about setting up a beowolf cluster.  However, I have nothing to run on it so what fun would it be?  So I am now open for suggestions.

Also, I have some other IT equiptment so if you are looking to buy some stuff check what I have for sale on ebay

I’m comfused

I’m sorry because I know this may upset some people.

After watching the convention last night I started wondering why the Republicans seem to take their downfalls and place them on the Democrats. They talk about bigger government if you elect Obama, but under their control the government has grown at an unprecidented rate. They talk about the liberal media bashing their VP pick when to me it seems like they are asking the questions about her past that need to be asked. Hey if they’re wrong just show the facts that prove it. This woman left the town of 9,000 with over 20 million in debt and was critized by McCain for taking earmarks 3 times and then says she crusaded against them.

Finally she thinks that sex education should not be taught in schools and they should promote abstinence. Well I think she now has to confess to one of two things. Either it doesn’t work or you didn’t practice it with your daughter making you a hypocrite.

I got an idea for the Republicans. Stay the fuck out of my personal choices and I’ll stay the fuck out of yours.